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Building the Fastest-Growing Chicken Franchises in 4 Steps

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November 11, 2022

When you’ve been working hard all your life to develop yourself as a business leader, it can be a natural move to start looking into the fastest growing chicken franchises and finding the brand that connects with you and your approach to service.

And when you work with the right business, becoming an owner of one of the fastest growing chicken franchises around can transform your career and life. Here’s how.

1. Get in on the Growth of the Fast-food Chicken Franchise Industry

When checking out the fastest growing chicken franchises today, it’s crucial to begin with a big-picture view of the business. A review of the industry should always be the first stop for a potential owner.

Industry health is essential for a new franchise owner — it can show them how the business has performed historically, and give them an idea of what the future might hold for the industry. A growing sector, with a record of past performance, helps add clarity to any franchise search.

For people looking into the fastest growing food franchises, the underlying industry can give them confidence to continue with their ownership plans.

Today’s chicken brands are part of the fast-food chicken franchise industry. That’s a business that’s been on the rise for years.

The industry has a market size of more than $55 billion and has seen annualized market growth of almost 10% over the past five years. And the following five are expected to expand, as customers continue looking for alternatives to traditional fast-food fare. Learn more about our: chicken franchise opportunities

In the world of fast-food franchises, staying ahead of the curve is key. The table below provides a snapshot of some of the fastest chicken franchises, showcasing their current total number of franchise units as of 2022 and their respective 3-year franchise growth rates.

Franchise NameTotal Number of Franchise Units (as of 2022)3-Year Franchise Growth Rate
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen3,85121.6%
Golden Chick20915.5%

It’s a history of expansion, with more projected to come.

2. Build a Menu of Customer Favorites

What are the hallmarks of the fastest growing chicken franchises? Overall industry performance is crucial, but that’s just for starters.

Over the past few decades, quick-service dining has been a movement. Increased customer choice, and a general trend toward popular flavors and styles, have dictated the development of fast-food chicken brands.

Today’s fastest growing chicken franchises are more than a convenient place to get chicken in a hurry — they’ve developed their menus to reflect the tastes and preferences of their customer base.

For example, one of the hottest movements in the chicken business — literally — has been the rise of Nashville hot chicken as a new, exciting chapter in the industry. Hot chicken takes the craveable flavors and crunch of fried chicken and adds customized levels of spice and heat to create a meal that tickles the taste buds and brings customers back again and again.

Hot chicken has been one of the primary business drivers over the past few years for many of the hottest brands. It’s a new take on the old favorite and can be the foundation of a menu that delivers what customers are looking for.

3. Develop a Modern Chicken Franchise Model

So far, we’ve seen how industry and menu contribute to a brand’s growth potential. When combined with a business model designed for today’s landscape, it can be the recipe for future expansion.

The fastest growing chicken restaurant franchises understand that modern business requires a modern approach, and visionary brand leadership can provide that.

Today’s businesses need an experienced, guiding hand behind them. The franchise team needs to work with confidence in themselves and their brand, and to take a larger, more strategic view of operations at all times.

The fast food brand’s franchise model should focus on quality at all times and in all things. Streamlined, simple, easy-to-run processes can be the right way to develop a brand voice that stands alone with a belief in the people who run the business, and the customers they serve.

A well-designed, proven franchise model can help owners as they work to build the brand, and aid them as they lay out a plan for the future. It can, and should, be one of the fundamentals of a franchise.

4. Provide the Support You Need to Grow Your Chicken Franchise

Every owner, in every industry, wants to know that they’re not alone as they serve their customers every day. Targeted and customized support can provide them with that peace of mind, and let them concentrate on promoting and growing their business.

Meaningful owner support can be a key part of a brand, and has been part of many of today’s fastest growing chicken franchises.

Franchise support comes in many forms, and it should be woven into the fabric of a new owner’s onboarding and setup. The brand can put its expertise to use on behalf of the owners from day one — an experienced franchise team can smooth the journey from inquirer to owner, and help identify and avoid potential issues along the way.

Support should be present throughout the buildout process, too. The franchise build team can work hand-in-hand with owners to find the ideal location, build it up and equip it for business, and train owners and staff on operations.

Robust support looks beyond the Grand Opening, as well, and should be there whenever the owner needs the extra assistance. A brand’s presence and readiness to deliver quality aid at all times can make all the difference as an owner deals with the everyday.

Discover How to Build the Fastest Growing Chicken Franchises with The Red Chickz

At The Red Chickz, we’re excited for the future of the brand.

We’re in an industry that’s been growing for decades and has been adding to its market every year. And we’ve got a menu of hot chicken favorites that our customers crave and return for.

We couple that customer-favorite menu with an approach centered around quality and simplicity. It’s how our franchise was developed, and it guides our future growth.

That franchise approach means our owners get the direction, and experienced support, they need for growth in the modern market.

The Red Chickz is preparing to move into new territories, and we’re looking for future owners to join us.

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