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The Potential of A Chicken Tender Franchise

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April 26, 2023

Have you ever considered owning your own chicken tender franchise? Owning a chicken tender franchise might be worth looking into. With a franchise, you can leverage an established brand and operating system to help get your business up and running. The Red Chickz brand offers a unique approach to the fried chicken industry with meals that customers crave and a fun and welcoming atmosphere.

Why Consider Owning a Chicken Tender Franchise

The fried chicken market is blazing hot, with trends dipping toward spicy hot food. Customers want fresh, high-quality food with an authentic history and a casual, comfortable atmosphere to linger and spend quality time with friends and family.

One of the best reasons to consider opening your own chicken tender franchise is that all the hard stuff has already been done. When you open your location, you benefit by extending a brand that is already trusted, established, and growing. Plus, you get to offer your customers an exclusive, crave-able menu and work with an experienced team that will support you all the way.

Fast-food chicken franchises are growing faster than any other type of fast-food restaurant.

What are the Benefits of Owning a Chicken Tender Franchise?

Statistics show that the average American consumes 97.51 pounds of chicken annually. Additionally, the term “Nashville” is frequently mentioned in the food industry, with percentages growing each year. Therefore, the chicken tender franchise is a 230+ billion industry you can bank on.

Opening a franchise means you benefit from a proven superior business model, a simplified operation built for expansion, and state-of-the-art technology that makes inventory, management, and ordering quick and simple. You also become part of the family and get full support from our entire team.

Other benefits of owning a chicken tender franchise include the following:

● A blazing hot market that is constantly growing
● Well-organized, well-equipped, flexible buildouts
● A variety of revenue streams
● A ton of available exclusive territories to choose from

Tender Chicken Franchise Cost

If you are curious about the investment necessary to open a chicken tender franchise, here are some figures to consider.

Depending on your location and other options, you can expect to pay a total investment between $363,500 - $821,400 per location. Those figures include a one-time $40,000 franchise fee for a single-unit agreement. However, if you open additional units at the same time, you will enjoy a 20% discount.

There are always costs to consider when opening a new business, so before venturing into the world of franchising, ensure you have plenty of capital to support all stages of growth. You can also expect to pay monthly royalties (6% of total gross sales), advertising fees, and a weekly ($60) technology fee for your presence on the corporate website and app.

Contact us anytime to discuss the specifics of your franchise opportunity and get some firm figures. You can also consult our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for details about all investment fees.

Chicken Franchise Trends

Chicken tender and hot wing spots never seem to go out of style. The market remains steady and changes easily with the industry. Currently, there is a blazing trend toward “hot” food like hot wings and hot chicken sandwiches.

According to IBISWorld, fast-casual chicken franchises are on a path of tremendous growth which is not slowing down anytime soon. Between 2018 and 2023, the chicken franchise industry has grown an average of 8.4% annually.

Customers are leaning towards authentic brands that offer more than just fast food. They want culture and history behind it, and that is exactly what The Red Chickz delivers with our franchise product.

What Do You Need to Become a Chicken Tender Franchise Owner?

Before opening your own franchise, you should have extensive business and restaurant experience. If you don’t, you will need to have a trained, experienced restaurant manager onsite. You also need to have an abundance of financial resources to support your initial investment and ongoing operations.

The most important thing you need to franchise with The Red Chickz is a passion for the brand and a love of working with the people we serve.

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Purchase Your Chicken Tender Franchise with The Red Chickz

Tapping into the Nashville hot cultural theme, The Red Chickz offers creative menu pairings with a love of excellent service and good food. The brand is upending fast-casual food dining with its unique franchise built on a passion for delivering results.

Themed after Nashville’s style, flavor, recipes, and history, we offer a unique, authentic brand that cares deeply about its customer and franchise owners.

Our entire brand is driven by passion, and we are proud to be able to deliver results based on a solid business model that is simple yet effective and easy to duplicate for new owners. There is great potential in a chicken tender franchise when partnering with us.

Chicken Tender Franchise FAQ

Why consider owning a Chicken Tender Franchise

Owning a chicken tender franchise allows you to leverage an established brand and operating system, providing a trusted and growing business. The market is currently thriving with trends favoring spicy, high-quality food in a comfortable atmosphere. It's also an opportunity to offer an exclusive menu and get support from an experienced team.

What are the benefits of owning a Chicken Tender Franchise?

A chicken tender franchise provides multiple benefits, including a proven business model, simplified operation, state-of-the-art technology, and full team support. It also offers access to a booming market, flexible buildouts, multiple revenue streams, and a wide selection of exclusive territories.

What does it cost to start a Chicken Tender Franchise?

The total investment for starting a chicken tender franchise ranges between $363,500 - $821,400 per location, including a one-time $40,000 franchise fee for a single-unit agreement. Costs also include monthly royalties, advertising fees, and a weekly technology fee.

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