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We know the restaurant business, and we REALLY know hot chicken.
At The Red Chickz, we have always been guided by the idea that we were creating something replicable. We offer a simplified business model that is easy to operate and efficient – from the way you receive your inventory to the cutting down of paperwork through the use of technology.

Once you become The Red Chickz franchise owner, our team is here to assist you in opening and operating your restaurants. From helping you find the right location, to visiting your restaurant periodically to offer ongoing support in meeting The Red Chickz Brand Standards, we’re here to serve you.

We guide you as you grow your business

Providing ample training and support in all the key areas of operating your business
Initial Training and Start-Up Guidance, Plus Ongoing Training as needed to keep you on a path toward an exciting future of business growth.
Remote and Onsite Support by telephone or e-mail anytime you need us. Plus, periodic site visits to monitor and guide ongoing operations.
Confidential Operations Manual detailing important front and back of house operational procedures, reporting, marketing, guest service, and more.
Access to Our Established Suppliers, Recipes, Spice Packs, Sauces and Other Prepped Items to help you ensure efficiency and consistency across the board.
Technology Tools that have been vetted and approved by us for optimized business operations.
Marketing Support with guidance on local marketing campaigns, sample materials, and more to help you build visibility of The Red Chickz name and signature Red Chicken in your local area!

"Hotter than you" reviews

OMG!!!! Where have I been??? This place is AMAZING, DELICIOUS, FILLING and worth every penny!!! Fresh and full of flavor!!! You have to try if you haven’t already. HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Shrimp Meal!!!!
Jackie D - Yelp
MY GO TO SPOT FOR FRIED CHICKEN AND FRIES! Especially if you want something spicy! Their loaded fries are amazing and they are very generous so it’s a plate you can share. But also you may need some wipes if you get the chicken and waffles since it’s sticky and spicy.
I ordered the Chickz Sandwich single with INFERNO flavor, signed that waiver, and gobbled up that engulfing bird n took it like a CHAMP! Whether ye like the challenge of such heat or something in the middle down to lowest key, THE RED CHICKZ is a MUST if you love fried chicken. with a kick.
C. TheDawg - Facebook

Are you ready to open a new restaurant franchise?

Take the next step in your career and open a new chicken restaurant franchise. We provide comprehensive training and support to ensure your success as a franchise owner.

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