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Check our Hot Chicken Franchise

A refined and streamlined business model for restaurant enthusiasts

We've done the heavy lifting for you
We know the restaurant franchise business and have done our homework. From the homestyle kitchens of Nashville to The Red Chickz restaurants that will be popping up everywhere, we’ve created something really special in an untapped, sizzling market.

We make it simple. Our team has worked our tails off to create a superior Fried Chicken Franchise business model that is streamlined and simple to operate. We designed this with systems and growth in mind, so you can become the next proud owner of a The Red Chickz Hot Chicken franchise with ease.
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people love chicken
pounds per person annually
U.S. chicken consumption has reached record levels
market growth
+ billion
The dynamic fast casual market is growing
people are talking
% +
Mentions of 'Nashville hot' entrees are increasing year over year
what sets us apart

Your opportunity

Increase your share of a market that's hotter than hot

Our bold brand and tasty food bring people in. Period.

As part of the dynamic fast casual market that’s expected to reach over $200 billion in the coming years, we are proud of the fact that we have blown the roof off the what some people are calling THE HOTTEST FOOD SEGMENT: hot chicken with true Nashville flavor – outside of Nashville! increase your share with our chicken franchise opportunities.

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The Red Chickz hot chicken franchise investment

An investment with some real heat

An investment in a restaurant franchise like The Red Chickz is an excellent way to break into the foodservice business or expand your already existing restaurant portfolio. We seek qualified business owners who understand or appreciate the restaurant industry and are fired up about our brand.
initial franchise fee
with a 20% discount on additional units
Estimated total investment
$363,500 - $821,400
per restaurant
(see our FDD for details)
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The expansion of our nashville hot chicken restaurant

Where are we expanding our franchise?

We designed The Red Chickz hot franchise business model with expansion in mind and are excited to bring it to key markets in the Western U.S. and beyond. Hot chicken is a rapidly growing segment of the restaurant industry, and we’re looking for franchisees who want to be a part of it.

If you share our vision and want to open the kind of restaurant that’s heating things up all over town, then let’s talk.

A chicken restaurant franchise with professional support

We put serious thought into The Red Chickz hot chicken restaurant franchise program, from the very start of developing the brand all the way through to today. We knew we were creating something with mass appeal for guests and prospective business owners alike.
Seriously streamlined operations – we do the prep work for you!
Comprehensive training so you are confident from Day One.
Exclusive hot chicken recipes and a fast casual menu unlike any other.
Tech tools, marketing support and more – all designed for smooth operations!
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"Hotter than you" reviews

OMG!!!! Where have I been??? This place is AMAZING, DELICIOUS, FILLING and worth every penny!!! Fresh and full of flavor!!! You have to try if you haven’t already. HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Shrimp Meal!!!!
Jackie D - Yelp
MY GO TO SPOT FOR FRIED CHICKEN AND FRIES! Especially if you want something spicy! Their loaded fries are amazing and they are very generous so it’s a plate you can share. But also you may need some wipes if you get the chicken and waffles since it’s sticky and spicy.
I ordered the Chickz Sandwich single with INFERNO flavor, signed that waiver, and gobbled up that engulfing bird n took it like a CHAMP! Whether ye like the challenge of such heat or something in the middle down to lowest key, THE RED CHICKZ is a MUST if you love fried chicken. with a kick.
C. TheDawg - Facebook

Meet the team

It’s the kind of story that inspires us all… Just wait until you learn about The Red Chickz founding team, our vision, our boots-on-the-ground experience in the industry, and why we’re so passionate about our concept and brand.
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Next steps toward owning your own hot chicken restaurant franchise with Red Chickz

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Review the Disclosure Document
Meet The Red Chickz Team for Discovery Day
Sign the Franchise Agreement
Select and Build Out Your Restaurant Space
Attend Training and Hire Your Staff
Open The Red Chickz in Your Local Area!
Is our franchise for you?

Could The Red Chickz franchise be the business for you?

Across the country, the famous “Nashville Hot” chicken sandwich is growing in popularity. One of the tastiest spicy chicken franchises, The Red Chickz, is part of this major culinary trend.

The Red Chickz offers some of the best Nashville Hot chicken sandwiches in the spicy food franchise world. First launched in downtown Los Angeles in 2018, The Red Chickz became an instant hit.

The Nashville Hot chicken sandwich’s popularity has continued to grow. Different chicken franchises in the U.S. are creating their version of the dish as spicy foods in franchises increase in popularity.

The competition over which spicy food franchise has the best version is a debate that continues to garner attention. And Nashville Hot chicken from The Red Chickz aims to be hotter than hot—a segment that is gaining momentum.

More and more spicy foods are appearing on franchise menus. The folks at The Red Chickz know that customers love their hot chicken!

Hot chicken franchise FAQ

What are the benefits of owning a hot chicken franchise?
The benefits include being part of a successful and growing business model, receiving comprehensive training and support, and having access to proven marketing strategies. As a franchise owner, you’ll also gain access to supplier partnerships and menu development tools.
Do I need experience to own a hot chicken franchise?
It is important to have qualifications and experience in the business and restaurant experience. Potential owners with no previous restaurant experience must have an experienced, trained restaurant manager onsite. Also, those with a passion for the restaurant industry and a strong interest in running their own business may find it easier to adapt and thrive in the role of a franchise owner.
How much does a hot chicken franchise cost?
Hot chicken franchises require varying initial investments based on factors including location and restaurant size. For The Red Chickz Franchise the total initial investment necessary to begin operations ranges from $363,500 to $821,400 per location. This includes a $40,000 initial franchise fee for a single-unit agreement. You will also need to consider ongoing costs, such as rent, supplies, and employee salaries.
What is a hot chicken franchise?
A hot chicken franchise is a business that specializes in serving spicy fried chicken dishes. As a franchise owner, you will receive comprehensive training and support to ensure your success, as well as access to supplier partnerships and marketing resources.
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Are you ready to open a new fried chicken restaurant franchise?

Take the next step in your career and open a new chicken restaurant franchise. We provide comprehensive training and support to ensure your success as a franchise owner.

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Learn about our chicken franchise and what sets us apart from the competition.

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