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How a Spicy Food Franchise Could Be Heating Up the Industry

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October 27, 2021

Across the nation, the famous spice combination and chicken sandwich, “Nashville Hot,” is gaining in popularity. One of the tastiest spicy food franchises, The Red Chickz, is part of this major culinary trend.

The Red Chickz offers one of the best Nashville Hot chicken sandwiches in the spicy food franchise world. After opening in downtown Los Angeles in 2018, The Red Chickz franchise quickly became a customer favorite.

The Red Chickz has one of the most popular TikTok accounts in the restaurant industry. And now, this spicy chicken franchise opportunity, which is soaring in popularity as the Nashville Hot craze continues to grow, is being offered to qualified franchise investors. 

“Hotter Than You!” Spicy Chicken Sandwiches are Taking Over Fast Food

Fast-food sales continue to soar. The industry was valued at $125.6 billion in 2019 and is expected to increase its value to $209.1 billion by 2027. The fast-food sector generates 230 billion dollars per year across the U.S. Annually, total chicken consumption was 97.51 pounds per person.

Spicy food franchises are expected to be a big part of industry growth as consumer interest in hot and spicy ingredients has increased for ten years in a row and is not expected to slow down any time soon. Even the typical fast-food chains are interested in spicy chicken offerings, including the Nashville Hot chicken sandwich.

  1. Consumer mentions of Nashville Hot grew by over 9 percent in 2020 alone, with demand for spicy food franchises increasing year after year. It’s a booming time for the Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich across the nation. More fast-food restaurants have created their version of the dish as spicy foods in franchises drastically increased in popularity. Consumers only had to look at the hot chicken sandwich wars being waged by the fast-food market to know that “hot” and “chicken” are an immensely popular food trend with mass appeal. This competition to determine which spicy food franchise has the best version is a trend that continues to grow.
  2. And as far as customers are concerned, the spicier their Nashville Hot chicken is, the better—it’s a trend that is clearly gaining momentum. More and more spicy food in franchises are appearing on their menus. This trend even includes spicy wings franchises. The folks at The Red Chickz know that fast food consumers love our hot chicken!

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How The Red Chickz Prepares Spicy Food

Visits to Nashville taught us authentic styles, flavors, recipes, and history. We knew we had to get our recipe right if we were going to call it Nashville Hot chicken, and we succeeded. Everything about The Red Chickz, from the menu to the spicy food franchise management, is about keeping it simple ...and simply delicious.

We focus on making quality food items tailored to the consumer’s spice comfort level. In our chicken dishes, we use all-natural, 100% hormone- and antibiotic-free chicken. Each of our food items are hand-breaded and made to order. We have quality measures in place to ensure consistency across our restaurants.

The Red Chickz works to ensure our customers enjoy quality, tasty food at our spicy food franchises. And we work to ensure our franchise owners can provide this same level of quality in their own locations.

In addition to making sure our food quality is always top-notch, The Red Chickz makes sure that the flavors are always on-point, to help draw in customers and keep them coming back. The Red Chickz franchise offers several different versions of the Nashville Hot on our menu, including:

  • Nashville Hot Shrimp and Chicken Tacos,
  • Nashville Hot Chicken and French Toast,
  • Nashville Hot Chicken Chipotle Sandwich,
  • Fried chicken tacos,
  • Waffle chicken,
  • Cheese curds, and
  • Several other delectable spins on the Nashville hot chicken.

We offer not just hot, but Nashville Hot dishes. There’s a difference, and there’s something for nearly everyone at The Red Chickz!

The Red Chickz Spicy Heat Levels

We designed our menu so our customers can order their preferred spiciness levels. Customers should familiarize themselves with the varying heat levels offered at The Red Chickz before taking that first bite.

We’ve got the right heat for anyone who wants to enjoy spicy foods in franchises! At The Red Chickz, the restaurant has six “playful but powerful” levels of heat:

  •       Inferno (which even requires a signed waiver before enjoying!)
  •       Blaze
  •       Bonfire
  •       Spark
  •       Glow
  •       Cool

The Red Hot Chickz has designed its menu so customers can choose their spice the way they like it. More: The Red Chickz Fried Chicken Franchise

Spicy Chicken Dishes

The Red Chickz offers different types of spicy sandwiches on its menu, including the choice of Nashville Hot (“Original”) or Chipotle flavors. Guests can have a choice of chicken items, such as chicken tenders, chicken wings, and loaded tenders, and even chicken tacos.

Our menu even has brunch items where customers can enjoy delicious chicken with waffles or French Toast and maple syrup! Sweetness and spiciness all day long. Seafood lovers rejoice! The Red Chickz also has seafood — our tasty jumbo shrimp option for one.  It’s all designed to provide a variety of menu options to a wide variety of customers.

Given the high demand for spicy foods in franchises, now could be the time to join the Nashville Hot blaze craze by owning your own The Red Chickz franchise. The Red Chickz flagship location is in Los Angeles, and more are on the way!

We would like to expand into key markets and the Western U.S. and beyond, including CA, NV, AZ, and TX. Contact us today to learn more about opening up your own spicy food franchise!

Spicy Chicken Franchises FAQ

Is spicy food becoming more popular?

According to Kalsec, for people ages 18 and older, 80% of consumers now enjoy hot and spicy foods. Over half of those surveyed eat spicy foods at least once a week. There has been a growing demand for spicy dishes, and as a result, many restaurants have started to offer more spicy options on their menus.

How much is it to open a spicy chicken franchise?

If you're thinking about opening a spicy chicken franchise, you'll need to factor in the initial investment. Depending on the location and size of your restaurant, you can expect to spend anywhere from $200,000 to $1 million. Of course, you'll also need to factor in ongoing costs like rent, utilities, staff salaries, and inventory.

What is the target market for this spicy chicken franchise?

Franchises selling spicy chicken are aimed at customers who enjoy spicy food or who are looking for an alternative to fast food. These franchises may also appeal to a younger demographic, as spicy food is often popular among younger people. In a recent survey of U.S. consumers ages 18 and older, 80% of consumers now enjoy hot and spicy foods. Over half of those surveyed eat spicy foods at least once a week.

What are the spicy chicken franchise's competitive advantages in the market?

  • Unique spicy blends: a restaurant that creates its own unique spices mix or sauces that are not available at other restaurants, has a competitive advantage.
  • Wide range of spice levels: restaurants that offer a wide range of spice levels, from mild to extremely spicy, offers more options for customers to choose from.
  • Specialty dishes: a restaurant that specializes in a particular type of spicy cuisine, such as Nashville hot chicken, has more recognition among the public.
  • Heat tolerance challenges: Customers who enjoy spicy food and are looking for a fun and unique dining experience may be attracted to restaurants that offer heat tolerance challenges or contests.

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