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Owning a Fried Chicken Franchise in the USA

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April 18, 2023

You’ve been developing your skills for years, and you’re ready to put them to work on your behalf as a business owner. A fried chicken franchise in the USA can be the best way forward for you.

When you become an owner of a fried chicken franchise in the USA, you link up with an industry with promise and a concept today’s customer love. 

Fried Chicken is Hot, and Getting Hotter

It’s been the truth for generations, and it still stands today — Many Americans love fried chicken, and will seek out businesses that sell it. It’s a fact that can keep a fried chicken franchise in the USA expanding its footprint.

Customers have voted with their feet for years, and they’ve helped make fried chicken a favorite. They’re showing no signs of slowing, either.

A High-Growth Industry with Potential

Customer enthusiasm continues to push the market upward. A staggering 8.4% growth over the past five years has grown total annual fried chicken sales to more than $55 billion. 

That positive trend is projected to continue in the years ahead and give the industry additional energy and positioning for the future. A fried chicken franchise in the USA could be placed in a favorable spot for growth as a result.

Innovating Beyond Traditional Fried Chicken

In this country, we appreciate the traditional, but we also embrace what’s new, different, and exciting. It’s part of the nation’s character, and it’s been woven into our fabric since the very beginning.

We have a built-in drive to seek out change and celebrate innovation. It’s no different when it comes to our food, and it can help make a fried chicken franchise in the USA a business on the rise.

A Natural Fit for the Future

When a customer is on the lookout for something out of the ordinary, a franchise available in the USA fried chicken can be just what they want. Fried chicken is more diverse and appealing as a cuisine today than ever before.

Beyond the traditional (and delicious) fried-chicken recipes is a world of new spices and flavors that build on a classic and make something new. Nashville hot chicken, for example, is a trendsetter and flavor sensation for customers wherever it’s sold, and can turn a standard meal into an explosion of taste and heat.

Growth-Focused Fried Chicken Franchise Concepts

A fried chicken franchise in the USA is a place for people to meet and enjoy the pleasure of a quality meal, prepared with love and served with pride. Above all, though, it’s a business and one that can be designed with expansion in mind.

Which brands take that lesson to heart will likely have a significant influence on which fried chicken franchise is famous in the USA in the future. 

Ready to Open, Ready to Expand

Modern times call for modern methods in business. The fried chicken industry understands that, and some of the most promising brands have designed their franchise models to utilize every tool available today.

A forward-looking chicken franchise has set up plans developed through industry experience that work with the owner to get them up and running as soon as possible. And they anticipate future needs as well, with expansion tools built into the structure of the business.

Fried Chicken - The In-Demand Food of Tomorrow

A prospective franchise owner needs to know that not only is the product they hope to sell in demand today but that the demand will be there tomorrow. For chicken businesses, that can be great news. 

Opening a fried chicken franchise in the USA places an owner in an industry that serves what will soon become the leading protein choice for people across the globe.

Chicken is Set to Become World's Top Consumed Meat

Over the past few decades, people everywhere have begun moving away from beef and toward leaner, more heart-smart options. Chicken has become the destination of choice for more of them each year.

Thanks in part to the more efficient rearing and transportation methods used today, chicken is on track to pass beef as the most-consumed meat within a decade. That’s a lot of future customers ready to find the fried-chicken brand that’s right for them.

A Team of Professionals Supporting You

Becoming the owner of a fried chicken franchise in the USA places a person in an industry on its way up, and links them to a cuisine more in demand each day. And it connects them with a team of experts ready to lend a hand when it’s needed.

That’s why brand choice can be as important to an owner as the industry they select. Joining a franchise that makes support a priority can help a person get their feet under them, and let them plan for the future.

Meaningful, Ongoing Owner Assistance When It Matters

A support-centered brand can make all the difference. For example, when a new owner signs with The Red Chickz franchise, they get the aid of dedicated pros from the moment they start the conversation.

The brand should be there to assist with startup issues, build-out and inventory, training, and grand opening. More than that, a franchise such as The Red Chickz makes sure their owners know that the brand always has their backs, and will be standing behind them whenever a concern arises.

Own a Fried Chicken Franchise in the USA with The Red Chickz

Fried chicken is part of our country’s heritage, and it’s a key aspect of our future as well. It’s a clear movement in the nation, and it helps position The Red Chickz for growth.

We’ve developed a menu of Nashville hot chicken our customers crave and return for. We believe in our owners and give them a franchise model, and dedicated support, geared for growth.

The Red Chickz is preparing to expand into new territories, and we’re looking for future owners to come with us.

Want more details? Contact us today!

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