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How to Buy a Restaurant Franchise: From Inquirer to Owner

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January 14, 2024

How to Buy a Restaurant Franchise: From Inquirer to Owner

Fast-casual food is a 230+ billion-dollar industry and is growing all the time. Now is a great time to break into the restaurant business by buying your own franchise. Let’s explore how easy it is to go from inquirer to owner. 

Why Invest in the Restaurant Industry?

Americans consume an average of 97.51 pounds of chicken per person annually. Hot chicken sandwiches and entrees have become hotter than hot. The term “Nashville Hot” is mentioned 9% more often these days and is equated with quality, culture, and spice. 

Customers crave concept-oriented food places, especially in the West and mid-West parts of the country. If you are interested in franchising a food restaurant, you should consider The Red Chickz brand. 

Chicken restaurants, specifically hot chicken places, have become staples around the country and are giving burger joints a run for their money. 

How to Become a Restaurant Franchise Owner

When considering whether to buy a franchise, the first tip is to find a brand that resonates with you. Ask yourself some questions like:

  • Do you like/use the products/services? 
  • How well would they do in your local area?
  • Do you have the experience necessary to make a go of it?
  • Are you in a financial position to invest in a new business?
  • What are your goals for the company?
  • What is your timeline?

As you begin your search, you may find dozens of franchise opportunities, but be careful they are not all created equal. You must explore each company thoroughly and research its position in the marketplace. You don’t want to invest your hard-earned money in a company that isn’t right for you.

Some things to watch out for when buying a restaurant franchise include:

  • It has a super low buy-in price. This could indicate something is off; perhaps it’s a scam. Be careful if the opportunity looks too good to be true. 
  • The parent company offers no guidance or support; you are utterly alone in getting up and running.
  • The brand has very little recognition. You haven’t heard of it, and neither has anyone else you know. 
  • If the owner or leadership team doesn’t seem to have a solid franchising plan, it could be a red flag that they don’t know what they are doing. You want to be sure to find a company with a solid business model built for success.
  • A product or brand that you don’t enjoy. You want to invest in your new business fully, so be sure you love the brand.

Example Steps to Own a Franchise RestaurantUsing The Red Chickz as an example, the steps you can expect when franchising include the following:

  1. Complete your inquiry form.
  2. Connect with a franchise development expert to ask questions.
  3. Review the FDD (franchise disclosure document).
  4. Meet The Red Chickz team for Discovery Day.
  5. Sign the franchise agreement.
  6. Select and build out your restaurant space.
  7. Attend training and hire your staff.
  8. Open The Red Chickz location in your area!

You also receive comprehensive training, guidance throughout the process, streamlined operations, high-tech tools, and marketing support. You also serve dishes from our exclusive hot chicken recipes inspired by the Nashville area. 

The Red Chickz brand has a solid following and has quickly become one of the top Nashville Hot chicken franchises. 

The leadership designed their franchise model to be streamlined and successful so each new owner could be up and running quickly, pleasing the public with their mouthwatering creations. 

You have dozens of exciting territories available with The Red Chickz, along with access to an outstanding management team headed by Shawn Lalehzarian, who has over 20 years in the restaurant business blazing trails for some well-known companies like Starbucks, California Pizza Kitchen, Pei-Wei, Wolfgang Puck, Ruby’s Diner, Pinkberry, White Spot, Chili’s, and Yan Can.

The Red Chickz operates on authenticity, quality, simplicity, a superior business model, experience, and an exclusive fast-casual dining experience.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Restaurant Franchise?

One of the most popular questions potential franchisees ask is, “How much to buy a fast-food franchise?”

Using The Red Chickz as an example, here is what you can expect to pay when investing in a restaurant franchise.

You will pay an initial franchise fee of $40,000 with a 20% discount on additional units. Your total investment will be between $363,500 and $821,400. With a franchise, you will also pay ongoing royalty fees but receive a lot of guidance and support along the way. 

Check Out The Red Chickz Franchise Opportunity 

With a blazing hot marketplace, now is the time to sink your teeth into a robust franchise opportunity with The Red Chickz. Contact The Red Chickz today to learn more about this exciting dream come true.

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