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Creating Culinary Harmony: How Hot Chicken Complements a French Fries Franchise

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June 1, 2023

There is nothing quite like the feeling of owning your own business. Opening a franchise can be a great way to fast-track your dreams. However, if you are stuck choosing between a french fries franchise and a hot chicken franchise, here is why the latter might be a better choice.

The Saturated Landscape of French Fries Franchise Market in the USA

There is no shortage of options if you want to open a french fries franchise. Spud operations are a dime a dozen, but you have to sell a lot of fries to make a profit. The problem is that there are too many options and a lot of competition. Plus, many french fries restaurants sell just plain fries. Those that offer specialty flavored fries with dipping sauces typically do better than just a burger place that offers fries with the meal.

The average french fries franchise generates about $300,000 in revenue annually, with a 10-15% profit margin. Depending on your chosen location and other factors, you can expect to pay initial startup costs totaling $150,000-$500,000.

The Rise of the Hot Chicken Franchise Market

The hot chicken franchise market is a 55 billion industry that is growing yearly. An average American consumes 97.51 pounds of chicken annually. Over the past five years, the chicken franchise industry has grown steadily by roughly 10% annually. 

Plus, the hot chicken industry is going through a major wave of change, and the winds are blowing toward high-quality food, unique flavors, crave-able menu options, and a fun atmosphere. These trends make it the best time to open a hot chicken franchise. 

Why a Hot Chicken Franchise Offers More

There is no doubt Americans love fried chicken, and that love isn’t going anywhere soon. Unlike some French fries franchise opportunities, hot chicken restaurants offer more value to entrepreneurs looking for a sound investment. Some of the key reasons why a chicken franchise offers more are: 

Growth Potential

The hot chicken market is blazing hot and growing. Modern consumers demand more than just a hot chicken sandwich, which is why many hot chicken franchises are evolving into something better. For example, a Red Chickz franchise brings to the table delicious, creative menu pairings, and high-quality food, with an exceptional, fun atmosphere so guests want to stay and enjoy themselves with family and friends. 

Meeting customer demands is how you grow a successful business. A hot chicken franchise’s growth potential is substantial compared to a french fries franchise. The hot chicken market grows by about 10% yearly and remains flexible and expansive, with plenty of room to grow. 

French Fries Franchise Vs. Chicken Franchise

Examining the franchise system is essential when comparing french fries franchises with a hot chicken business. Your goal should be to find an easily duplicatable model with a proven, results-oriented franchise system to get you up and running quickly. Also, don’t forget about support after the sale. You will want to rely on the parent company for marketing, operations, and other help along the way. 

Look towards simple options with a superior business model you can easily duplicate. Another important factor when selecting a franchise is a team of experienced professionals and an exclusive brand. If you want your product to stand out, select a hot chicken franchise with unique recipes, a trusted, reputable brand, and an authentic environment. 

Multiple Revenue Streams in Your Franchise

A food franchise will offer you multiple revenue streams. However, the profit margin on the food items may vary. For example, although potatoes are cheap, they also don’t offer a high-profit margin compared with other foods and beverages.

Multiple revenue streams not only offer your customers more choice but also offers you more profit overall and growth potential. 

Untapped Territories

The french fries franchise market is saturated nationwide, with burger joints on every corner. However, there is plenty of untapped territories where you could be the only one with a hot chicken franchise without heavy competition. 

Partner With Red Chickz and Open Your Hot Chicken Franchise!

Not just hot, but “Nashville” hot embodies the Red Chickz brand. Authentic recipes, the spicy culture of Nashville, and a fun, casual, enjoyable atmosphere flavor every Red Chickz franchise. 

Red Chickz offers new owners a robust franchise program built with growth in mind. Other benefits you can enjoy when franchising with Red Chickz are: 

  • A growing, blazing-hot market.
  • Well-organized, well-equipped, flexible buildouts.
  • Variety of revenue streams.
  • A slew of available exclusive territories to choose from.
  • Access to our talented direct founders and their personal involvement.
  • Simplified operation, built for expansion.
  • State-of-the-art technology for ordering, inventory, and more.
  • A franchise program that treats you like family.

Contact us today to learn more about this exciting opportunity and why partnering with Red Chickz could be your best decision ever.

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