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Turning Your Unique Chicken Restaurant Ideas into the Next Big Thing

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January 12, 2024

There are standout players in every industry, usually because of something unique the business does that everyone else ignores. The restaurant industry is highly competitive, and to be successful, you need the right unique spin. Learn about the chicken restaurant industry and how one company turned their unique chicken idea into something special.

The Chicken Restaurant Industry

According to Market Research Future (MRFR), the take-out fried chicken market will reach $10.52 billion by 2032 and continue to grow at a steady compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.50%. The fried chicken market size was only $6.5 billion in 2022 and has grown incredibly fast in a short amount of time.

This enormous growth is an increase in fast-food franchises and multinational chains, technological advancements, and doorstep delivery options. Due to the popularity of fried chicken restaurants, consumers can easily purchase a quick, affordable, hot meal.

With information about red meat being less healthy, more people are turning to chicken for fast-casual dining, which has spurred more growth in the industry over the past couple of years.

Identifying Winning Restaurant Concepts: Key Factors

Recognizing a great idea takes some skill and know-how. First, does the business solve a problem? With restaurants, that’s an easy one. Yes, people need to eat, and they want a fast, affordable meal. Some other questions about a unique idea are:

  • Will people pay for it?
  • What is your price point?
  • Is the market large enough to support the idea?
  • Has the idea been tested?
  • Is it scalable?
  • Is the idea flexible enough to change over time?
  • How easily can the idea be duplicated and marketed?
  • Does the owner have realistic goals?

When an entrepreneur is passionate about an idea, it can fuel enormous success. That passion, however, must be combined with solid business sense, strong marketing skills, and a robust plan for growth. If a unique idea combines all these things, it will do well.

Although there is no absolute formula for identifying a great idea that will do well in the restaurant market, some key factors that may indicate a better-than-normal chance are:

  • Something people crave.
  • A product people need.
  • An affordable price people are willing to pay.
  • An idea that is unique and fun.
  • Easy access to the products.
  • Technology to make ordering and delivering products smoother.
  • Good brand recognition.
  • Great support from the parent company.
  • Comprehensive training to ensure success.
  • A solid business model with proven results.

A good example of a successful restaurant idea is a fried chicken restaurant that serves crispy, crunchy wings, chicken wings, spicy wings, chicken fries, and other varieties of chicken dishes.

Creative Chicken Restaurant Concepts that Hit the Mark 

There is no shortage of chicken restaurants in our country. However, some people have come up with some really cool chicken restaurant concepts that have taken off like gangbusters.

Usually, the owner comes up with some unique chicken restaurant names or a themed chicken restaurant to draw crowds. Some restaurants, however, use patented recipes that become staples of the fast-food industry.

Fried chicken is nothing new, but some of the best chicken franchises have made something new from something old by playing around with catchy chicken restaurant name ideas, catchy product names, or using unique mouth-watering recipes that customers can’t get enough of.

For example, The Red Chickz franchise restaurants have made a name for themselves by offering spicy chicken sandwiches and “Nashville Hot.” Along with their exclusive recipes, they offer new owners a streamlined business model that makes it quick and easy to become a franchisee.

Combine that with a hotter-than-hot brand, comprehensive training program, top-notch support, and an affordable investment, and you’ve got a winning, unique chicken restaurant idea.

What Does it Take to Become a Chicken Franchise Owner?

The Red Chickz makes becoming a franchise owner fun and pain-free. The steps to franchise with a fantastic and unique brand like The Red Chickz are:

  1. Complete an inquiry form.
  2. Contact a franchise development expert to ask questions and review options.
  3. Review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).
  4. Meet The Red Chickz team on Discovery Day.
  5. Sign the franchise agreement.
  6. Select your location and build out your restaurant space.
  7. Attend training and hire your staff.
  8. Open The Red Chickz in your local area!

The Red Chickz Franchise - A Great Investment Opportunity

Since its first location in downtown Los Angeles in 2018, The Red Chickz has become an instant hit with local customers. Consumers love our hot chicken dishes. If you are fascinated with the fried chicken restaurant industry and would love to partner with an outstanding brand like The Red Chickz, contact us today to learn more about this fantastic opportunity.

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