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Opening a Fast-Food Chicken Franchise

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October 3, 2022

In this business-minded country, it can make good sense to take the skills and experience you’ve developed through hard work and drive, and start looking into investing in fast-food chicken franchises.

Owning fast-food fried chicken franchises can move a person into a new level of their career, and help them realize their full potential as a community and business leader.

But what can future owners expect as they embark on this new phase of life? Every journey is unique, but many of them feature the same landmark moments along the way.

We’ve created this guide to help potential owners understand what they’ll see as they make this life-changing shift to running a franchise. Using the growing Nashville hot-chicken brand The Red Chickz as our model, we walk through the inquiry and onboarding process, and provide a step-by-step look at the experience.

  • Examine the industry
  • Dig into fast-food chicken franchises to find the right brand
  • Meet the franchise leadership
  • Get ready to open your doors!

Franchise ownership is a destination. With the help of The Red Chickz, prospective owners can use this guide as a road map of how to get there.

Examine the Fast-food Chicken Industry

Fast-food chicken franchises, like every other business out there, are part of a larger industry. Taking the temperature of that industry should be the first move a potential owner takes, no matter the field.

An comprehensive review can reveal trends in the industry, and point future owners at the businesses that might be well-placed for additional growth.

What sort of expansion has the industry experienced in the past? Has the growth been steady? And is it projected to continue in the years to come? The answers to these concerns are crucial, and should be fully addressed before proceeding to the next step.

In the case of fast-food chicken franchises like The Red Chickz, the industry in question is the overall quick-service chicken industry. It’s an industry that has been expanding for years, and is expected to keep growing over at least the next five.

It’s a record of growth that can give potential owners the confidence to continue the franchising process and start thinking about the brands themselves.

Take A Look at the Fast Food Brands

After examining the fast-food chicken franchises industry and getting a solid breakdown of the business and its health, it’s time to get granular and begin reviewing the brands.

A brand review is another crucial moment in the franchising experience. Every owner wants to connect with the franchise that best represents their own approach to business, and finding the one that fits should be a priority.

Take a close look at the brand, and make sure to go over the franchising documentation. Franchises are required to provide them, so they should all be available for anyone who’s interested.

In the case of people looking into owning fast-food chicken franchises with The Red Chickz, they can dig into our Franchise Disclosure Document and other key records that lay out our approach to franchising, our fee structure and expected costs, and other essential facts. It’s where we share our owner-focused way of operating, and set expectations for what’s to come.

Brand review should take as long as needed. Once the future owner finds the brand that speaks to them, they can move on to getting to know the people behind it.

Meet the Leadership

In just two steps, we’ve gone from looking at the industry to narrowing our search down to a single brand. We’re on our way!

Next step on the future owner’s journey? Meeting the brand’s leadership, and discovering how they might fit within the team.

In the word of franchising, compatibility can be key. It’s a fact that holds for fast-food chicken franchises as much as any other business, and that’s why getting face time with the franchise’s senior staff can be such an important — and eye-opening — moment in a potential owner’s experience.

For prospective owners of The Red Chickz franchises, that connection with leadership comes during our Discovery Day. We make time for our prospective owners to sit down with founder Shawn Lalehzarian and other key members of our franchise team, and get the kind of one-on-one meetings needed to see how well all parties interact, and determine how well everyone might work together.

It’s just one way The Red Chickz has worked to make the onboarding process a science, and it’s helped us assemble a family of motivated owners, all working in harmony to develop the brand.

Build Out, Train, and Open for Business!

Once a potential owner has satisfied themselves that they’re joining the brand that’s right for them, they can start making plans for becoming part of the franchise.

This can be an exciting moment in the process — the time when the theoretical becomes real, and the effort and legwork can start to pay off. And the brand can impact the owner's experience throughout this period.

New owners of fast-food chicken franchises with The Red Chickz know that they’re not alone during the build-out process.

We help owners find their ideal territory and location, and provide an experienced build team to bring the site from blueprints to brick and mortar. And we train owners and staff to operate with the same high standards of customer care and quality our customers have come to expect from The Red Chickz.

We’re there after owners open their doors as well. Our support staff is standing by to lend our expertise and experience whenever our owners need an extra hand. It’s all part of the ownership process at The Red Chickz.

Own Fast-Food Chicken Franchises with The Red Chickz

At The Red Chickz, we’ve developed a brand that keeps our owners in mind.

We’re in an industry with a record of expansion and more projected in the future, with an owner-centered business model and a brand vision geared for growth. And we back up our owners with robust and ongoing support.

The Red Chickz has a franchise for modern times, and we’re preparing to move into new territories.

Want more details? Let’s start a conversation today!

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