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4 Questions to Ask When Considering a Chicken Business Opportunity

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September 18, 2022

Becoming a franchise owner is part of the dream for many, and it can be a move to a new chapter in a person’s business career.

Potential owners have many different avenues to explore when they start looking into franchise ownership, and for some of them, a chicken business like The Red Chickz can be the right option.

Before acting on our chicken business opportunity and signing on with the franchise, it’s important to ask some basic questions and get a deeper understanding of why this could be a promising moment to become an owner with us.

Taking the time to ask four essential questions can help potential owners feel confident in their decision, and give them the sense of purpose they need to start making plans for the future.

  • How’s the industry health?
  • What’s the market size?
  • Does the brand keep it simple?
  • What kind of support does the franchise offer?

These questions can be crucial to getting our future owners off on the right foot and aids them in taking a methodical, reasoned approach to joining The Red Chickz as we work to transform the hot chicken business.

1. How's the Fried Chicken Industry Health?

The first question any prospective owner should ask when they look into a franchise, no matter the brand or service offered, is how the franchise’s overall industry looks.

Becoming part of the chicken business with The Red Chickz should be no different, and it’s important for owners to learn as much about the industry as they can. So, what kind of history does the industry have, and how is it expected to perform in the coming years?

The Red Chickz operates within the chicken wings industry, itself an industry inside the larger fried chicken industry. It’s a business that’s seen consistent growth for years, and the next five years are projected to see continued expansion.

That kind of steady development could make ownership of a chicken business with The Red Chickz a smart move for many potential owners. We’re in an industry with expectations of growth, and we’re excited to be part of its future.

2. What's the Fried Chicken Market Size?

After learning more about the chicken business and getting details on the industry, prospective owners should next find out as much about the market for the product as possible.

A growing industry needs customers to sustain it, and having a deep pool of guests who want what we’re selling can help a brand like The Red Chickz move past daily concerns and focus on big-picture interests.

It can be an invaluable aid and helps give owners the tools to build the business.

The fried chicken restaurant market has been developing for a long time, with annualized market size growth of 4.8% over the past five years, and more expansion expected for the next five. It’s a market that’s grown in value to $40.6 billion, and that could be just the beginning.

The hot chicken sensation has been building for years, and it’s becoming a growth driver for the fried chicken and wings industry. It’s one reason why The Red Chickz could be well-placed for future brand development.

3. Does the Brand Keep Things Simple?

Industry and market concerns should be priorities when considering whether to join the hot chicken business with The Red Chickz.

And once a future owner gets the answers to those crucial questions, they can start digging into the brand and find out what sort of approach they take to their business.

Of particular interest to many potential owners is how complex the franchise is to operate. Franchise ownership can be a big step, and it helps to know that the brand doesn’t overload owners with complicated processes and cluttered menus.

Often, simple operations can be the better option, and that’s how The Red Chickz works.

We’ve made simplicity a cornerstone of the way we run things. From our menu of crowd-pleasing favorites to a streamlined business model that prioritizes owner development and growth, to tech tools that help make our proprietary systems a breeze to operate, our goal is to make franchise ownership as easy as possible.

4. What Kind of Support Does the Brand Offer?

Beyond industry and operations, many franchise owners are most interested in learning about the support they can expect to get.

That’s an understandable concern — running a chicken business should be a team effort, and the brand needs to be ready to step in and lend a hand to help their owners whenever it’s called for.

Support is one area where The Red Chickz works every day to lead the industry. We’ve created a support structure designed to aid our owners as they build the brand.

New owners get our guidance and can leverage our experience from day one. We help owners with their site selection and buildout, and provide training for them and their staff, so they can open their doors with confidence.

And we don’t end our support when our owners start serving their guests. We regard our franchise owners as family, and that’s the way we treat them. We’re there when they need us, and are standing by to give an assist.

H2: Become a Hot Chicken Business Owner with The Red Chickz

Ownership with the Red Chickz could be a smart move for prospective owners looking to join a team of dedicated professionals who share a common vision for the future of the brand, and of the industry.

We’re part of a growing industry, with an expanding and enthusiastic market of customers who crave what we sell. We’ve got a business model that focuses on simplicity in all things, and we give our owners robust and ongoing support when it counts.

The Red Chickz is a brand with heat, and we’re ready to grow.

Want to find out more? Contact us today, and let us help you start your own journey!

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